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Best Beach in the area

How is the Beach? That seems the first question you should ask. Well, The Chautauqua just happens to have the BEST BEACH in the area, in my opinion and most of the locals. Since the beaches vary so widely, I will try to point out the main differences to make sure you ask the right questions before you book your vacation.   

The Sand

The Chautauqua’s sand is like powder. Not coarse ground up shells like Vilano. It is great for making drip castles, my specialty, and building forts. We are thinking of starting a Sand Castle scrap book at The Chautauqua and would love to see your entry added

Ocean right at your Door Steps

The ocean is right AT YOUR DOOR. There is no long raised boardwalk with a 5 minute walk across the dunes to navigate - with the cooler and the chairs and the beach toys and floats and children and blankets (you get the idea) - before you ever get to the water. At The Chautauqua the ocean is right there! 10 steps away. 

NO Cars on the Beach

This is a major distinction. We have lots of Drive Beaches in St. Augustine. Imagine trying to play paddle ball with cars continually passing by and having to be on constant baby alert.  

Wide Beach

The Chautauqua has a very deep, level beach. And very private - no high rise condos. Great for the young ones when the sloughs form at low tide. More places to explore and play. Fish to trap. Some area beaches are very narrow and steep. Even rocks in the surf. The difference is amazing and affects the waves too. 

Great Surfing - See the Live Feed

How are the waves you are asking? Well, it is not the West Coast but it is not the Gulf either. So they are not too high and not too low, I would call it "just right". The locals consider The Chautauqua the best surfing spot around. There is a Surf shop at the end of the street. They have a live webcam at our house so the locals can stay in touch with the surf.  CLICK HERE to see it. Sorry it loads a little slow and is directed south to the Drive Section of the beach but it is fun to watch. Rent board or take lessons from them but you can have loads of fun with the boogie boards & floats provided at The Chautauqua no charge. The surf shop rent Bikes too but I think we still have one or 2 at the house.